Fight to save San Sebastian Church Continues

The Basilica Minore De San Sebastian or The the Minor Basilica of Saint Sebastian in Manila is one of the many old churches in Manila. The church is remarkable because it is the only church in the Philippines made entirely of Steel and Glass with only the foundation being made of concrete. The church was completed in 1891 it was part of the Gothic Revival movement in architecture which aimed to revive Gothic Architecture in churches around the world. In 2006 it was included in the tentative list of heritage sites in Asia. In 2011 it was named a National … Continue reading Fight to save San Sebastian Church Continues

TayTay Boni of Iloilo is restored

One of the most famous heritage structures inn Miag-ao Iloilo is Taytay Boni one of the three heritage bridges in the town. Now enclosed within a small park, this stone bridge’s name was derived from the Ilonggo term taytay  (meaning “ bridge”) while “Boni” is the name of  its construction foreman and cantero-mayor (major carpenter) Bonifacio Neular. Tatytay Boni was one of the Main thoroughfares connecting Miag-ao and Guimbal. The bridge started construction in 1853 and finished around 1854. It was used until around 1940 when the national road was built beside it. The bridge was built during the term of Gobernadorcillo of … Continue reading TayTay Boni of Iloilo is restored